Success Story

Jason Boehler

DEKALB® Asgrow® Deltapine® Success Stories Farmer Jason Boehler Stats 3 Favorite DEKALB® Varieties
DEKALB® Asgrow® Deltapine® farmer Jason Boehler in corn field
DEKALB® Asgrow® Deltapine® farmer Jason Boehler

Challenges In Illinois

Jason farms with his dad in Litchfield, Illinois. He’s been planting DEKALB® corn for 10 years and finds it hard to beat. This year, he dealt with a challenging, wet year but didn’t have to sacrifice yield due to DEKALB products’ stress tolerance. See why Jason trusts the consistent performance of DEKALB to help him achieve what he considers to be a picture-perfect successful season.


Find the DEKALB® and Asgrow® products that are right for your field and the challenges you face so you can grow with confidence.

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