30 Years Old
1300 acres of strong cotton
second generation grower

It’s difficult for Tyler Chapman to describe his love for farming. It’s something he’s always felt called to. As a young, second-generation farmer who recently took over his father’s operation, Tyler sees fewer and fewer growers like him. But as a member of his local gin board in Winnsboro, Louisiana, Tyler is committed to making an impact.

“It's hard for a young farmer. I am the youngest farmer in the area and it is hard to establish a farm when you've got so many people and pulling on the ground. Everybody wants to be a farmer, but there are no young farmers coming in. I see more older farmers going out. It's just hard to brace yourself knowing that you've got so much competition — everybody else is coming into this. We've got to get some young farmers out there.”

For Tyler, the decision to grow Deltapine® Strong Cotton wasn’t passed down or through word of mouth. It all came down to his own personal experiences. It came from years of trials and testing under adverse weather and conditions. Ultimately, Tyler found that Deltapine brand’s Strong Cotton was the best decision he could make for his operation.

“Deltapine puts you in the best position you could be in. I don't really know any other variety or any other company that could steer you in the best direction other than Deltapine.”

Passionate about all things cotton, Tyler regularly visits the Scott Learning Center to see the new Deltapine products each year. This allows him to not only learn more about each new variety but also gives him a real, hands-on experience to test potential products.

“It shows you the way it would handle on the farm. Getting hands-on with it and seeing what you can do. If they're doing it there, you can bank it's going to work out here. It absolutely builds trust in Deltapine.” 

When it comes to products, Tyler makes careful considerations when choosing the right product for his farm. Being located in an area with unpredictable weather and strong insect pressure means he has to make the right call. That’s why he chooses products like DP 1835 B3XF.

“I planted DP 1835 B3XF last year and it did really well. We even had a hurricane come through and it held on to the stalks strong. We also have a lot of bug pressure. We have more down here than anywhere else. And that plays a big role in the spraying because we spray every seven to 10 days in the summer. That adds up quickly at the end of the year on the pocketbook. The new Bollgard 3® XtendFlex® technology helps with that. Once you run it in your ground, it will deal with any weed pressure you have. You have that little extra in the back in case you do have a problem. I've seen folks plant without it and not have that option.”


Deltapine® Strong Cotton is built on our four pillars of excellence to give growers like you the performance potential, support and piece of mind to overcome the everyday challenges of raising cotton. Fiber quality is only one of the pillars. 

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