1980s started cotton farming
2000 acres of strong cotton
3 Deltapine varieties planted

For John Kelley, farming cotton has been a way of life for his family since the 1980s. Based in Friendship, Tennessee, John took over his farm from his father and attributes their success and longevity to Deltapine® Strong Cotton. The consistent, high yield potential John sees year after year is something he and other growers in the area can’t ignore.

“Deltapine has been proven for years and years. It’s always been number one for me and everyone around here. It’s the way it is in West Tennessee."

For the last couple years, John has seen much success with DP 1725 B2XF and DP 1820 B3XF. Never being one to settle, John recently decided to push the envelope and add DP 1916 B3XF to his operation.

“We’ve had some outstanding yields with DP 1725 B2XF — the highest we've ever had. It’s just a strong, growthy cotton. We started the first year with 60 acres, and it was the best 60 acres we had out of all the crops. We now have 2,000 acres of it. We also decided to plant DP 1916 B3XF to test the new technology and because it's the best cotton out there. It's made a big difference in our operation.”

With over a century of unmatched yield potential, Deltapine offers genetics that are constantly innovating to ensure growers like John are always on the forefront of cotton. Combined with the protection he gets with Bol​lgard® 3 XtendFlex® technology, John can go into each season with confidence. 

“Their genetics are number one. Deltapine always has something new coming. Every year they have new varieties coming. They're working harder for cotton farmers than anyone else. You just know they're working on higher yields and it keeps getting a little better. It means the world to me. They've been helping my operation thrive with high yields, the good grade and the quality of the cotton. It's been a real game changer, especially the last couple of years.”

Get the best performance out of your season by choosing the seed that is ideal for your farm and your planting conditions.

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