2 tornadoes this growing season
3 years farming
2 Deltapine varieties planted

Born and raised in Spade, Texas, Troy McGann knew he was destined to be a cotton grower ever since he first stepped out on his family’s fields with his grandfather. After graduating college, Troy returned to the farm where this harvest season will mark his third year in the family business. For Troy and his family, Deltapine is much more than just a number in their fields. It’s a long history of relationships and experiences that have built a bond.

Troy’s relationship with the New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program is one of the reasons why he continues to choose Deltapine® products year after year. And as a younger grower hungry to make his mark, staying ahead of the curve is important to him.

“We've been a part of the NPE Program for as long as I can remember. Being able to be at the frontline to see those newer varieties coming up and what they're going to look like and how they'll handle how we grow, how we do things. It's one thing to be able to see that plot and our neighbor doing it, but it's another thing to be able to have that plot ourselves. Everybody's practices are different and everybody is always doing something different,” said Troy.

Although Troy is just finishing up his third season as a cotton grower, he’s thankful that Deltapine products are able to withstand the storm, especially during years like 2019.

“It was a Saturday. Everything went bad. We had three different hailstorms, two different tornadoes and high winds basically all day long. We had insurance come out, but I decided to keep mine. I wanted to see what it would do. At first, it didn't look like it was going to be able to do a whole lot, but as the season progressed, it stood its ground and did what it had to do.”

These experiences, along with the relationships he’s built through the NPE Program and his local support crew, give Troy the confidence to continue doing what he loves most. 

“I honestly think one of the main reasons why we stick with Deltapine is because Deltapine has stuck with us. They come out and they help us make that decision on varieties. It's not just selling a seed and going on about their day. They're out there to help better us and make sure that we're putting the right seed in the right place.”


Every year, the new class of cotton is put to the test with our New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program. Raised on large-scale plots under individual management conditions, our NPEs played a key role in selecting strong varieties. 

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