Success Story

Michael Mills

A Strong Choice

For many farmers, finding the best cotton for their fields comes with trial and error. But for Winterville, North Carolina, grower Michael Mills, the strongest cotton has never been up for debate. As a fourth-generation grower, Michael started growing Deltapine® cotton when he began taking over the farm. When looking to expand the operation, Deltapine was his first choice.

“It's always been in the Carolinas and everybody around here has always had good luck with Deltapine. We planted four or five different varieties. In the beginning, we didn't think it was going to match up to the rest of the varieties, but it outstood all of them.”

Being a cotton grower can be extremely challenging, but with risk comes reward. His confidence in Deltapine was especially tested last year when he and many growers had an extremely trying season with everything from weather to weed control. The ability to harvest after such harsh conditions means a lot for Michael and is ultimately how he defines Strong Cotton.

“Last year was a bad year for everyone, so that kind of goes across the board. But still, even with Deltapine, you still had cotton to pick. With all the rain, it was difficult trying to harvest. With Deltapine, you still had something on the plant to harvest. You had something to pay down the loss. Deltapine brand’s access to weed control, the genetics and the traits, they’ve always stood out too.”

For Michael, Strong Cotton is more than fiber quality and yield potential. Being on the cutting edge is also important to him. Whether it’s cotton or technology, he believes in embracing it and staying ahead of everyone else. By choosing Deltapine, Michael knows he’s getting over a century of tested and continued development of the industry’s strongest cotton varieties.

“Deltapine is always moving forward. The traits and genetics are getting stronger. It's just like technology. People are scared of technology but if you get behind or set in your ways, you'll go by the wayside. You can’t be scared to try new things or new varieties. They're out there for a reason: to help you, not hurt you. Some things you just have to try for yourself and see what works best on your farm.”

Get the best performance out of your season by choosing the seed that is ideal for your farm and your planting conditions.

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