3 children
2800 acres of strong cotton
3rd generation grower

Ty Turnipseed has been farming his entire life. With most of his acres in Hockley County, Texas, Ty has been helping pave the way to 2,800 acres of Strong Cotton along with three generations of Turnipseeds before him.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Ty decided to make the decision to switch his acres to Deltapine® cotton. It was a challenging year for everyone in West Texas, but Ty noticed something different about the fiber quality, even in the face of Mother Nature. Eventually, he began to switch his crop entirely to Deltapine. 

“One of the first Deltapine varieties we started switching to in 2017 was DP 1646 B2XF. During the 2017 harvest season, it was a low micronaire year. Even though everyone in West Texas was dealing with the same issue, Deltapine Strong Cotton somehow still had good staple weight.”

But it wasn’t just fiber quality or yield potential that swayed Ty into making the switch. When Ty found out Deltapine was creating varieties just for West Texas, that commitment, along with the relationships he had developed, meant much more to him.

“When you develop varieties for West Texas, that says a lot because that means you aren't going anywhere. You all want us growers to succeed and give us the best product on the market for everybody to succeed.”

“They always ask me how are my kids doing. I've got three kids. I've got two daughters and a son. They always ask me how my kids are doing, how my wife is doing. Those questions are always before, "Well, how's your crop doing there?"

For Ty, being a West Texas grower is an accomplishment in itself and something he wears proudly. That’s why it’s important that the seed he plants is Strong Cotton — strong enough for West Texas and strong enough for him.

“I always say, Strong Cotton is well, whatever cotton can hold up to the West Texas."

The DryTough™ dryland cotton varieties can give you all of the performance you expect with less of the cost.

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